17 August 2017
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Dehydrated Garlic

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Company name
The Dehydrated Garlic & Onion COmpany
Product located
India, Gujarat, Bhavnagar
Brand name
The Dehydrated Garlic & Onion Company
Product features
Clove, Flake, Minced, Chopped, Powder
Product status
Product type
Bulk, Inorganic
Primary package
Poly Bag
Amount in the package
14 per carton
Quantity available
100 ton per 30 days
Shelf life
24 months
Country original
Hala, ISO22000:5000, Kosher
Shipment terms
Product description
Microbiological Examination Observed Normal TPC < 150000 Max 300000 E-Coli Negative 50 cfu/gms/max Coliforms 150 cfu/gms 1000 cfu/gms/max Salmonella NIL Absent in 25gms Yeast / Mould 900cfu/gms 1000cfu/gms/max Staphylococcus NIL Absent in 25gms Shighella NIL Absent in 25gms SO2 Not Added Particle Size Sr No. Product Name Standard Size (in mm) 1 Garlic Flakes (Cloves) 8 - 17 mm 2 Garlic Chopped 3 - 5 mm 3 Garlic Minced 1 - 3 mm 4 Garlic Granules 24-40,40-60,60-80 mesh 5 Garlic Powder 80-100 mesh

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